Meet the Founder

Hello wonderful humans!


My name is Indigo Moon. I'm a nature protector, wildlife warrior, water healer, sustainability flower, creative vegan, activist, writer specialising in wildlife conservation, environmental justice, and wellbeing, a drummer, and tiny house dreamer.

I identify as a queer lesbian and forest witch. 

    My Story

    I have always been a creative being. But I never understood what this truly meant until one day in 2020, during lockdown that I realised the power and freedom of these two words.

    Creativity is a powerful tool when we embrace and encourage positive change and celebrate the authentic individual.

    Together we can make the rich and diverse worlds we dream about, a reality. By using our unique skills and passions, we can inspire others, connect with our communities and challenge negative attitudes. 

    We want to collaborate with other creative individuals and embrace positive change. Whether your passion is writing, art, music or design or anything in-between, please connect with!

    Maybe you want to create or promote an LGBTQ+ comic or produce a piece of artwork that raises awareness of animal exploitation, whatever it is, don't be afraid to speak your truth. 

    We can create positive change. Everyone is welcome.

    Love and blessings, 

    Indy x


    Let's create positive change together!